Franche-Comté, une croix veille de 3000 ans (la traduction de l'article en anglais)

Jean-Claude Bonnot, the innkeeper of Chapelle d’Huin, commonly nicknamed “The Druid,” wears a swastika suspended around his neck! Before assuming his membership to a Nazi ideology, we asked him his motivations.

Villages FM : What is the meaning of the swastika you are wearing?
JC Bonnot : The pendant I made from this cross is a swastika symbol rendered sadly famous as it is attributed nowadays to the Nazis. But I don't wear it for this reason. Therefore, to avoid any confusion, I wish to clarify that I rescued it in Mandeure, a site that I consider as the Alesia of Mandubi, from a citizen who was unaware of its ancient meaning. Indeed, when I examined it more closely, I immediately understood that it was a 3000-year-old archaeological documental relic of prime importance. It is a votive object that represents the shape of the Sun rotating on itself, a cult object of the oldest religion of the world, that of the “sol invictus,” (“the Unconquered Sun”). The eternal Sun shining for everyone was apparently a natural devotion that was accepted by all; like today, Justice establishing peace, but this is another story (laughing!). However, the Third Reich recovered this universal sign for the purpose to be identified with the original cult to legitimize its ideology—Nazism wanting to secure itself a religion !

Villages FM : Then, why are you wearing it around the neck ?
JC Bonnot : If I initially wear it, it was more out of spite since no historian or archaeologist deigns to show interest, in view that it was taken out of its context. Besides, to permanently have it on me allows me to debate the matter in the inn the moment I notice an interlocutor ready to receive this kind of information. This cross is a heritage of humanity that dates back to the Iron Age (3000 years), contemporary to the recent fortuitous discovery of a treasure next to the commune of Mathay. This booty comes from the looting of Alesia located on the oppidum of the Lomon, where the wind turbines are right now.

Villages FM : In his novel “L'eclaireur, d'Alesia au Christianisme,” Jean-Claude Bonnot achieves a historical compilation where he claims to reorient the true history of our civilization from archaeological documents... nothing less! Inexhaustible on the subject, he does not fail to support his theses to all visitors in his Auberge des Salines while preparing an excellent fondue at the fireside: An absolute jump in time.

Find all discussions by Jean-Claude Bonnot on his blog by clicking here.

L'article en version française

(Traduction : MAYA TOUVIERE, auteur du livre "Droit de cuissage au FMI").

le 01 février, 2013
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